01 December 2016

Clarkson/Woodrum Family

I was just contacted by a relative who is a descendant of Martha Clarkson, the sister of my 3rd great grandmother, Frances America Clarkson Graham Dowling.  I am excited to make this connection and hopefully learn more about Martha, Frances, and their other sister, Barbara Henrietta Clarkson (especially since I know very little about Martha).  I typed up what information I do know about this family to share with her, so I thought I might as well share it here too:

So here's what I have about them:

Thomas Clarkson 
  • He was born in 1810 in either Virginia or Kentucky (source: the 1850 census says he was born in Virginia.  And Frances America Clarkson Graham's family happened to be enumerated two different times in the 1880 census, and both of those records show that her father was born in Kentucky.  Later in the 1920 & 1930 censuses Frances' father is also listed as being born in Kentucky.  The year 1810 for his birth is from an email from one of my grandpa's cousins, Karen Graham Meng, who did some research on the Graham family years ago, but did not provide a source for this date).
  • Thomas Clarkson & Jane Woodrum were listed on the 1850 census as having 3 year old Martha and 2 year old Frances, so we assume they were married sometime before then.
  • We know that Thomas died by 1859, because his probate file has been digitized and made available online at s1.sos.mo.gov/records/archives/archivesdb/JudicialRecords/Detail.aspx?id=142358, and his youngest daughter, Barbara, was born in 1854, so that narrows down his death date.  This probate record is rather interesting -- listed on the inventory is a "negro" woman named Laura about 50 years old, and one of the papers shows that Thomas' widow, Jane, sold Laura at auction and lists the reason that Jane only had young children and couldn't control Laura, and "stands in daily fear and dread" of her.   
  • I don't know anything about parents or siblings for Thomas.
Jane Woodrum Clarkson
  • Born 30 March 1811 in Pendleton District, South Carolina. (this date is calculated from the death date and age on her headstone).
  • Karen Meng, my grandpa's cousin, told me that Jane was buried in Tipton, Moniteau, Missouri, and her headstone says: “In memory of beloved mother Jane Clarkson Died July 18, 1884 Aged 73 ys. 3 ms. 18 ds."  Karen said that another Woodrum family member, Buford Woodrum, is also buried in that same cemetery and she thought that he was Jane's brother (the Tipton Missouri Masonic Cemetery).  This website shows images of headstones in this cemetery: http://www.moniteau.net/cemetery/tiptonmasonic/tiptonmasonic.htm
  • I show Jane's parents as John Woodrum (1756-1836) and Margaret Finley (about 1773-1836).  I know nothing about parents or siblings of Margaret Finley.  John & Margaret's children were Jane, Bluford, Daniel, & John).  [The info I have about John & Margaret's family is from other researchers, and is not form my own personal research].
Our Thomas Clarkson & Jane Woodrum had 3 daughters:

1. Martha W Clarkson
  • Martha is listed on the 1850 census, as a 3 year old living with her parents and her 2 yr old sister Frances.  Martha is listed on the 1860 census as a 12 year old with her mother, her 9 year old sister Frances, and her 5 year old sister Barbara.  And she is listed in her father's probate case (in the probate papers she is listed as "Martha W.," but I don't know what her middle name was).  
  • I have that she was born in Saint Louis, Missouri (but the only real sources I have for her are the census records, which just show that she was born in Missouri).
  • I don't know who she married and when/where she was married, who he children were, or when/where she died.
2. Frances America Clarkson
  • Born 21 Jun 1848 in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • On 14 Dec 1869 she married John Nicholas Graham in St. Louis.  John was born 30 April 1846 either in New York or Germany, the son of John J Graham & Mary.  John was a butcher & meat market owner.  Frances & John had the following children: (all born in St. Louis)
    • Amelia Jane Graham, born 13 Nov 1870, married Clarence Edgecomb Bennett, had 11 children, and died on 22 Feb 1953 in St. Louis.
    • William T. Graham, born in Dec 1872, married Mathilda C. Heberer, had 1 son, died 3 May 1927 in St. Louis.
    • Eugene H. Graham, born in Jan 1875, married Estella Agnes Gilmore, had 1 daughter, and died in Torrance, Los Angeles, California.
    • John George Graham (my 2nd great grandfather), born 13 Mar 1877, married Susie Florence Dobbins, had 9 children, died 5 May 1969 in Edwardsville, Madison, Illinois.
    • Harry August "Gus" Graham, born Nov 1879, married Anna Agnes Young & had 4 children, died 12 Feb 1950 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee.
    • Henrietta "Nettye" O. Graham, born 8 Aug 1882, married John William Dunn, had 1 daughter, and died in Chestnut, Logan, Illinois.
  • John Nicholas Graham died on 27 Feb 1884 in St. Louis.  Frances was 35 years old and had 6 children.
  • Frances married William Dowling on 1 Dec 1885 in St. Louis.  William was born in 1845 in Louisiana.  They had the following children (both born in Missouri):
    • Pearl Dowling, born 13 Aug 1886, married Nicholas E. Fleming & had 5 children.
    • Violet Ruth Dowling, born 10 May 1890, married Charles Gilmore & had 8 children, died in St. Louis.
  • William Dowling sometime between 1890 when his youngest daughter was born, and 1910.  (On the 1900 census Frances is listed as the head of the household and William is not in the household, and has not been found elsewhere on the census, but it shows her as being married not widowed.  By the 1910 census she is listed as a widow).
  • Frances died on 6 Nov 1931 in Granite City, Madison, Illinois.
3. Barbara Henrietta Clarkson
  • Was born on 18 Aug 1854 in St. Louis.  
  • On 14 Ot 1874 she married Eugene A. Heislen in St. Louis.  Eugene was born 17 Sep 1852 in St. Louis, the son of Aloyisious Louis Heislen & Maria.  He was a painter.  Eugene & Barbara had 4 children:
    • Victor Heislen, born about Feb 1876 in St. Louis, died 19 Dec 1877 of acute bronchitis.  
    • adopted Josephine Rittenhouse, born about 1876 in Missouri (according to the 1880 census), her parents were both born in Prussia.  She died before 1910.  
    • Jennie Heislen, born about 1878 in St. Louis, married Hosea Roy Foskett and had 4 children, died 13 June 1952.
    • William Busing Heislen, born 6 Feb 1885 in Missouri, married Blanche A. ___ & had 1 daughter. 
  • Eugene died on 11 Nov 1904 in St. Louis, when Barbara was 50.
  • On the 1920 census Barbara is listed as working as a Fuse Maker for a Fuse Factory in St. Louis when she was 66 years old.
  • She died 10 May 1930 in St. Louis, Missouri.

    This is the only photograph I have of my 3rd great grandmother, Frances America Clarkson Graham Dowling.
    back row: Henrietta O. Graham Dunn, Eugene H. or William T. Graham, John George Graham, Pearl Dowling Fleming, Henry August Gus Graham, and Ruth Dowling Gilmore
    center: Barbara Henrietta Clarkson Heislen, unknown man, & Frances America Clarkson Graham Dowling
    front: Elva and Edwin Fleming (children of Pearl)
Page from Thomas Clarkson's probate documents.  

Headstone of Jane Clarkson in Tipton Missouri Masonic Cemetery.  

1920 Census showing Barbara Henrietta Clarkson Heilsen, 66 year old Fuse Maker.  
Image from ancestry.com

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