01 December 2016

Clarkson/Woodrum Family

I was just contacted by a relative who is a descendant of Martha Clarkson, the sister of my 3rd great grandmother, Frances America Clarkson Graham Dowling.  I am excited to make this connection and hopefully learn more about Martha, Frances, and their other sister, Barbara Henrietta Clarkson (especially since I know very little about Martha).  I typed up what information I do know about this family to share with her, so I thought I might as well share it here too:

So here's what I have about them:

Thomas Clarkson 
  • He was born in 1810 in either Virginia or Kentucky (source: the 1850 census says he was born in Virginia.  And Frances America Clarkson Graham's family happened to be enumerated two different times in the 1880 census, and both of those records show that her father was born in Kentucky.  Later in the 1920 & 1930 censuses Frances' father is also listed as being born in Kentucky.  The year 1810 for his birth is from an email from one of my grandpa's cousins, Karen Graham Meng, who did some research on the Graham family years ago, but did not provide a source for this date).
  • Thomas Clarkson & Jane Woodrum were listed on the 1850 census as having 3 year old Martha and 2 year old Frances, so we assume they were married sometime before then.
  • We know that Thomas died by 1859, because his probate file has been digitized and made available online at s1.sos.mo.gov/records/archives/archivesdb/JudicialRecords/Detail.aspx?id=142358, and his youngest daughter, Barbara, was born in 1854, so that narrows down his death date.  This probate record is rather interesting -- listed on the inventory is a "negro" woman named Laura about 50 years old, and one of the papers shows that Thomas' widow, Jane, sold Laura at auction and lists the reason that Jane only had young children and couldn't control Laura, and "stands in daily fear and dread" of her.   
  • I don't know anything about parents or siblings for Thomas.
Jane Woodrum Clarkson
  • Born 30 March 1811 in Pendleton District, South Carolina. (this date is calculated from the death date and age on her headstone).
  • Karen Meng, my grandpa's cousin, told me that Jane was buried in Tipton, Moniteau, Missouri, and her headstone says: “In memory of beloved mother Jane Clarkson Died July 18, 1884 Aged 73 ys. 3 ms. 18 ds."  Karen said that another Woodrum family member, Buford Woodrum, is also buried in that same cemetery and she thought that he was Jane's brother (the Tipton Missouri Masonic Cemetery).  This website shows images of headstones in this cemetery: http://www.moniteau.net/cemetery/tiptonmasonic/tiptonmasonic.htm
  • I show Jane's parents as John Woodrum (1756-1836) and Margaret Finley (about 1773-1836).  I know nothing about parents or siblings of Margaret Finley.  John & Margaret's children were Jane, Bluford, Daniel, & John).  [The info I have about John & Margaret's family is from other researchers, and is not form my own personal research].
Our Thomas Clarkson & Jane Woodrum had 3 daughters:

1. Martha W Clarkson
  • Martha is listed on the 1850 census, as a 3 year old living with her parents and her 2 yr old sister Frances.  Martha is listed on the 1860 census as a 12 year old with her mother, her 9 year old sister Frances, and her 5 year old sister Barbara.  And she is listed in her father's probate case (in the probate papers she is listed as "Martha W.," but I don't know what her middle name was).  
  • I have that she was born in Saint Louis, Missouri (but the only real sources I have for her are the census records, which just show that she was born in Missouri).
  • I don't know who she married and when/where she was married, who he children were, or when/where she died.
2. Frances America Clarkson
  • Born 21 Jun 1848 in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • On 14 Dec 1869 she married John Nicholas Graham in St. Louis.  John was born 30 April 1846 either in New York or Germany, the son of John J Graham & Mary.  John was a butcher & meat market owner.  Frances & John had the following children: (all born in St. Louis)
    • Amelia Jane Graham, born 13 Nov 1870, married Clarence Edgecomb Bennett, had 11 children, and died on 22 Feb 1953 in St. Louis.
    • William T. Graham, born in Dec 1872, married Mathilda C. Heberer, had 1 son, died 3 May 1927 in St. Louis.
    • Eugene H. Graham, born in Jan 1875, married Estella Agnes Gilmore, had 1 daughter, and died in Torrance, Los Angeles, California.
    • John George Graham (my 2nd great grandfather), born 13 Mar 1877, married Susie Florence Dobbins, had 9 children, died 5 May 1969 in Edwardsville, Madison, Illinois.
    • Harry August "Gus" Graham, born Nov 1879, married Anna Agnes Young & had 4 children, died 12 Feb 1950 in Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee.
    • Henrietta "Nettye" O. Graham, born 8 Aug 1882, married John William Dunn, had 1 daughter, and died in Chestnut, Logan, Illinois.
  • John Nicholas Graham died on 27 Feb 1884 in St. Louis.  Frances was 35 years old and had 6 children.
  • Frances married William Dowling on 1 Dec 1885 in St. Louis.  William was born in 1845 in Louisiana.  They had the following children (both born in Missouri):
    • Pearl Dowling, born 13 Aug 1886, married Nicholas E. Fleming & had 5 children.
    • Violet Ruth Dowling, born 10 May 1890, married Charles Gilmore & had 8 children, died in St. Louis.
  • William Dowling sometime between 1890 when his youngest daughter was born, and 1910.  (On the 1900 census Frances is listed as the head of the household and William is not in the household, and has not been found elsewhere on the census, but it shows her as being married not widowed.  By the 1910 census she is listed as a widow).
  • Frances died on 6 Nov 1931 in Granite City, Madison, Illinois.
3. Barbara Henrietta Clarkson
  • Was born on 18 Aug 1854 in St. Louis.  
  • On 14 Ot 1874 she married Eugene A. Heislen in St. Louis.  Eugene was born 17 Sep 1852 in St. Louis, the son of Aloyisious Louis Heislen & Maria.  He was a painter.  Eugene & Barbara had 4 children:
    • Victor Heislen, born about Feb 1876 in St. Louis, died 19 Dec 1877 of acute bronchitis.  
    • adopted Josephine Rittenhouse, born about 1876 in Missouri (according to the 1880 census), her parents were both born in Prussia.  She died before 1910.  
    • Jennie Heislen, born about 1878 in St. Louis, married Hosea Roy Foskett and had 4 children, died 13 June 1952.
    • William Busing Heislen, born 6 Feb 1885 in Missouri, married Blanche A. ___ & had 1 daughter. 
  • Eugene died on 11 Nov 1904 in St. Louis, when Barbara was 50.
  • On the 1920 census Barbara is listed as working as a Fuse Maker for a Fuse Factory in St. Louis when she was 66 years old.
  • She died 10 May 1930 in St. Louis, Missouri.

    This is the only photograph I have of my 3rd great grandmother, Frances America Clarkson Graham Dowling.
    back row: Henrietta O. Graham Dunn, Eugene H. or William T. Graham, John George Graham, Pearl Dowling Fleming, Henry August Gus Graham, and Ruth Dowling Gilmore
    center: Barbara Henrietta Clarkson Heislen, unknown man, & Frances America Clarkson Graham Dowling
    front: Elva and Edwin Fleming (children of Pearl)
Page from Thomas Clarkson's probate documents.  

Headstone of Jane Clarkson in Tipton Missouri Masonic Cemetery.  

1920 Census showing Barbara Henrietta Clarkson Heilsen, 66 year old Fuse Maker.  
Image from ancestry.com

11 May 2016

Kolby's Genealogy Class Project

My oldest son, Kolby, took a genealogy elective class at school several months ago.  As part of the project he did, he talked to my husband and me, and each of our parents, and wrote little biographies of each of us.  And he made an online "book" with family photos.  

"I [Kolby Michael Bradshaw] was born on October 31st, 2003, in Provo Utah, Utah Valley Hospital. I lived there for about 9 months. I then moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U. S. I lived in an apartment 4 years. During this time, three of my four younger brothers were born. Elijah, Camden, and Isaac. I then lived with my great-grandma Faun in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S. My youngest brother, Courtland, was born. After that, My family and I moved to Fairport, New York, U. S. for three years in our first house ever. Then we lived with my mom’s parents in San Diego, California, U.S.A. for about 9 months. We then got a house across the street from Del Sur Elementary where I went for two years and Moved to D39C for a year. I then Moved to a bigger house across the canyon and have lived there since. I am in 6th grade and twelve years old. I want to become a great coder when I grow up. I have made it into a MathCounts program.

Stephanie Lynn Chidester was born on Jan. 10 1982 in the Utah Valley Hospital. She has also lived in San Diego, coronado, nashville tennessee, provo utah, oklahoma, and texas. She went to Bernardo Heights Middle School. For high school she went to Rancho Bernardo High school. She went to college at Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho and at BYU. She also had a semester in Nauvoo. She met Michael Blair Bradshaw in BYU and was married to him on Dec. 27, 2002 in the Mormon San Diego Temple.

Michael Blair Bradshaw was born on Aug. 9, 1980 in the St. Luke's hospital in Salt Lake City. He has also lived in Taylorsville Utah, South Jordan Utah, and Boise Idaho. He served a mormon mission in the Dominican Republic at age 18. He went to middle school at South Jordan Middle School. He went to highschool at Bingham High School and Centennial High School. He then attended college at BYU where he met Stephanie Lynn Chidester. He got married to her on Dec. 27, 2002 in the Mormon San Diego Temple. Michael became an eagle scout at age 14.

Amy Lynn Spohr was born on Sep. 1 1957 in the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Granite City, Illinois. She never lived in Granite City because while her mom was pregnant they moved to St. Louis, Denver, Colorado but kept going to the doctor in Granite City. She also lived in Prairie Village, Kansas and Hawaii. She went Indian Hills Middle School. For High School she went to Shawnee Mission East High school. She went to BYU for college. She got married to Steven John Chidester on May 7, 1980 in the Salt Lake City Utah Mormon Temple.

Steven John Chidester was born on May 9, 1957 in the Utah Valley Hospital in Provo Utah. He has also lived in Heber, Utah and Hawaii. Steven went to Middle School at Wasatch Jr. High School. He went to Wasatch High School for High School, and went to BYU for College. He served a mormon mission in Brussels Belgium when he was eighteen. He was married to Amy Lynn Spohr on May 7, 1980 in the Salt Lake City Utah Mormon Temple.

Debra Kae McIntosh was born on Aug 17, 1958 in the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City. She has also lived in Falls Church Virginia, South Jordan Utah, and Boise Idaho. She went to Middle School at Clayton Jr. High. Her High School was East High School. She attended College at Ricks College. She was married to Dick Michael Bradshaw on March 13, 1979 in the Salt Lake City Mormon Temple.

Dick Michael Bradshaw was born on Oct. 29 1955. In the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City. He has also lived in Taylorsville Utah, South Jordan Utah, Louisiana, and in Boise Idaho. He went to Hillside Jr. High for Middle School, Hillside High School for High School, and BYU, University of Utah, where he got his Bachelor's Degree, University of Phoenix to get his master’s Degree. He also went to Institute of Internal Auditors and got his Internal Audit Certificate. At age eighteen he served a mormon mission in San Antonio Texas. Was married to Debra Kae McIntosh on March 13, 1979 in the Salt Lake City Mormon Temple."

16 April 2015

Hyatt / Paramore / Hunt families

Levi Alderman Hunt and Lucinda Elvira Hyatt Paramore Hunt Family:
Ethel Lorean Hunt (Tanner), Edith Hunt (Moore), Levi Ray Hunt, Jessie Mardelain Hunt (Mulliner), Ruby Hunt (Nielsen), Leonard Hunt, Estella Paramore Hunt (Thompson), Amy Alberta Hunt (Hooker), Lucinda Elvira Hyatt (Paramore) (Hunt), Leland Hunt, and Levi Alderman Hunt

Lucinda Elvira Hyatt was born 8 Apr 1860 in Parowan, Iron county, Utah, the third of six children of John Smith Defreeze Hyatt and his first wife, Martha Jane Turner Howd. Lucinda was baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on 18 Oct 1872.

Before 1879 Lucinda married Hyrum Duckworth Paramore. Hyrum was born 8 Oct 1852 in Duckenfield, Cheshire, England, the son of Joseph King Paramore and Susan Duckworth.  Hyrum was a twin.  When he was 2 years old, his family sailed from England to the United States.  Sadly, during the voyage his twin brother, Joseph, was washed overboard from the ship. 

Lucinda Hyatt and Hyrum Paramore had three children:
  1. Sarah Ellen Paramore Hunt, was born 17 Apr 1879 in Joseph, Sevier, Utah.  Church records indicate that she was given a blessing three days later on 20 Apr 1879.  No further mention is made of Sarah Ellen in family records.  She died as a baby. 
  2. Essie Mae Paramore Hunt (“Essa”), was born 22 Mar 1881 in Parowan, Iron, Utah.  She was baptized on 19 May 1889.  And on 11 May 1900, at age 19, Essie died in a fire that broke out in the bakery where she was working.
  3. Estella Paramore Hunt (“Stella” or “Stell”), was born 28 Aug 1883 in Parowan, Iron, Utah, and died on 12 Jan 1970 at age 86 after living in San Pedro, Los Angeles, California. Estella married George William Thompson in 1901 in Richfield, Sevier, Utah and they had six children who were all born in Utah.

According to Ardeana Fredricksen, a great granddaughter of Lucinda and Hyrum Paramore, Lucinda had to leave Hyrum because he was an alcoholic.  No official marriage or divorce records have yet been found, so it is unknown if they were officially divorced or not.  But the marriage ended sometime between 1883 and 1885.  At this time Lucinda and her two surviving daughters remained in the Paramore & Joseph, Utah area, and Hyrum Paramore left and relocated to Wasatch county, Utah.  Church records from Joseph, Utah note that "Hyrum Paramore moved away" and that Lucinda Elvira Hyatt Paramore "married Levi A. Hunt.” 

In Wasatch county, Hyrum Duckworth Paramore was married to his second wife, Hannah Jensen.  They had four children:
  1. Vida Paramore
  2. Estella Paramore, of Charleston, Wasatch county, Utah.  Married Earl Kohler.
  3. Joseph Lawrence Paramore
  4. Lester Paramore

Faun Moore Chidester is a great granddaughter of Lucinda Elvira Hyatt Paramore Hunt.  Faun has been interested in family history since she was a child, and remembers learning about her Hyatt/Paramore/Hunt relatives from her paternal grandmother, Edith Hunt Moore, and her great aunt, Estella Paramore Hunt Thompson.  Faun has fond memories of Estella or “Aunt Stell,” as she knew her.  Faun told me that even though Aunt Stell was actually her father’s aunt, she “claimed her as her own aunt” and had a very close relationship with her.

Faun came into contact with Estella Paramore Kohler (Hyrum’s daughter from his second marriage), in 1974 when Faun was living in Heber, Utah.  At that time Faun had conversations with both Estella Paramore Kohler and with Estella’s sister, Vida, about their father.  According to Estella Paramore Kohler, her father [Hyrum Paramore] was a railroad worker.  He came to Wasatch County from Parowan, Utah.  He said he had had a wife and two daughters but they had all died and were buried in Peoa, Summit county.  His deceased wife's name, he said, was Alvira.  He told his second wife, Hannah, that he wanted to name their second daughter Estella after his sister.  (According to Faun, at the time of her research in 1997 no record had yet been found of a sister named Estella, though records of other Paramore family members were available).  At that time Faun informed Estella and Vida about the existence of their father’s first wife and her children, which had not been known to them previously.  I do not know if Estella Paramore Kohler and her siblings ever met their half sister, Estella Paramore Hunt Thompson, or not.

Faun said that her grandmother, Edith Hunt Moore, and her great aunt, Estella Paramore Hunt Thompson told her: Grandmother Hunt [Lucinda] never talked much about her first husband except to say he wasn't much of a provider.  Estella Paramore Kohler said this same thing about her father.

Hyrum Duckworth Paramore died at the age of 62 on 1 June 1915 and is buried in Charleston, Wasatch county, Utah.  Hannah Jensen was later remarried to William Daybell. 

Estella Paramore Kohler, daughter of Hyrum and Hannah, when a mature woman, attempted to learn something of her natural father.  She went to an uncle, King Paramore, in Parowan, Utah to learn more about her father.  She was told by her uncle to forget Hyrum. "It is best not to talk about things like that," so she didn’t pursue it.  Hannah Jensen Paramore Daybell and her daughters were later sealed, in life, to Hannah's second husband, William Daybell.

. . .

Meanwhile, back in 1884 or 1885, after Hyrum moved to Wasatch county, Lucinda Elvira Hyatt Paramore was married to her second husband, Levi Alderman Hunt in Joseph, Sevier, Utah.  Levi Alderman Hunt was born 3 Dec 1861 in Fairview, Sanpete, Utah, the second of three sons of Levi Hunt and his first wife, Jane Gadd. Levi Alderman Hunt was baptized 17 Jul 1892.  Besides raising the two surviving daughters from Lucinda’s first marriage, Levi Alderman Hunt and Lucinda Elvira Hyatt Paramore Hunt had 11 more children together.  Family members who knew the Hunt family remembered what a good father Levi was – and they indicated that no distinction was ever made between the children from Lucinda’s two different marriages.

Children of Levi Alderman Hunt and Lucinda Elvira Hyatt Paramore Hunt:
  1. Levi Ray Hunt, born 20 Dec 1886 in Joseph, Sevier, Utah, and died 10 Feb 1935 in Riverdale, Weber, Utah. Levi married Ethel Sofia Utley in 1906 and they had nine children.
  2. Jessie Mardelain Hunt, born 29 Jul 1818 in Joseph, Sevier, Utah, and died 13 Dec 1917. Jessie married Robert Madison Mulliner in 1906 and they had four children.
  3. Ruby Hunt, born 1 May 1890 in Joseph, Sevier, Utah and died on 25 Feb 1976 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah. Ruby married John Franklin Nielsen in 1910 and they had eight children.
  4. Edith Hunt [my great, great grandmother], born 13 Oct 1891 in Joseph, Sevier, Utah, and died 9 Mar 1956 in Elsinore, Sevier, Utah. Edith married John Augusta Moore Jr. in 1908 and they had ten children.
  5. Leonard Hunt, born 22 Aug 1894 in Beaver, Beaver, Utah, and died 18 Mar 1972. Leonard married Ethel May Pattie in 1908 or 1922 and they had four children.
  6. baby Hunt (female), born 1892 or 1895 in Beaver, Beaver, Utah. Died 1895.
  7. Ethel Lorean Hunt, born 13 Jul 1896 in Beaver, Beaver, Utah, and died 7 May 1970 in Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada. Ethel married Hyrum Edward Tanner in 1914 and they had ten children.
  8. James Hunt, born 24 Dec 1898 in Joseph, Sevier, Utah, and died in Jun 1899.
  9. Amy Alberta Hunt, born 5 Sep 1900 in Joseph, Sevier, Utah, and died 28 Jun 1920. Amy married Donald Hooker about 1920. (No known children for this couple).
  10. Hazel Idona Hunt, born 22 Jun 1902 in Joseph, Sevier, Utah, and died 2 Oct or Nov 1902 in the same location.
  11. Leland Hunt, born 22 Jan 1904 in Joseph, Sevier, Utah, and died 6 Feb 1951 in Nevada or California. Leland married Dora Bell Taylor in 1930 and they had three children. Later Leland married Irene Page.

Levi Alderman Hunt died at age 58 on 14 Jun 1920 in Richfield, Sevier, Utah. Lucinda Elvira Hyatt Paramore Hunt died at age 62 on 19 Dec 1922 in Fillmore, Millard, Utah.

Estella Paramore Hunt Thompson had herself and her sister Essie Mae sealed to Levi Alderman Hunt and Lucinda Elvira Hyatt in the Salt Lake Temple during her lifetime.  Faun Moore Chidester believes that Estella was not aware of the firstborn baby, Sarah Ellen, so her sealing was not done at that time.  Essie May was sealed to Levi and Lucinda on 3 Nov 1934.  And Estella was sealed to Levi & Lucinda on 9 Jan 1967.

When Faun later found a record of Sarah Ellen Paramore's birth and blessing, she wrote to the church Family History Department asking direction as to the sealings. They indicated that since Lucinda Elvira Hyatt was not sealed to Levi Alderman Hunt during her lifetime, that she should be sealed to both Hyrum Paramore and to Levi Hunt so she is given the choice and so all of their children could be sealed to her.  Sarah Ellen Paramore was sealed to Hyrum Paramore in the Logan Temple 21 May, 1976.

*Sources: I have not personally done any research on this line of my family, this information was passed down to me by my paternal grandmother, Faun Moore Chidester. 
  • Personal family notes of Faun Moore Chidester, from her past conversations with Estella Paramore Hunt Thompson, Edith Hunt Moore, Estella Paramore Kohler, and Vida Paramore. 
  • A telephone conversation between myself and my grandma, Faun Moore Chidester, on 14 April 2015, clarifying and asking questions about some of her genealogy notes about this part of the family.
  • Emails with genealogy information about the Paramore, Hyatt, and Hunt family lines from Ardeana Fredricksen, 2015.  Ardeana got family information from past conversations with her grandmother, Estella Paramore Hunt Thompson, and her great aunt, Ruby Hunt Nielsen.
  • Original genealogy research of Faun Moore Chidester.  From a PAF genealogy file of Faun’s, a copy of which she gave to me back in 2001.  Some of Faun’s sources mentioned in her genealogy file include:
    • LDS church records, Joseph ward, 1877-1951 -- GS Film #026,045
    • Salt Lake Temple Records No. 2396, Book 4R, Page 106, and No 32485, Book 2X, Page 1113, TIB 1263035
    • US Federal Census records 

[Back in 2010 I wrote a brief history of my Hyatt/Paramore/Hunt family ancestors to include on this genealogy blog, based on some old notes from my Grandma, Faun Moore Chidester's, genealogy file.  Recently I received an email from another descendant of these ancestors who pointed out some errors in my original post from 2010.  After reviewing my grandma's genealogy notes, talking to my grandma on the phone to clarify, and comparing with the information that was recently emailed me, I have corrected those errors and reposting the corrected history here.]

18 March 2015

Brother & Sister: Ludwig "Louis" Spohr & Amalia "Molly" Spohr Shaefer

Recently I got an email from Lauren Partida, a descendant of my great, great grandfather's sister, and we have been sharing information and photographs about our Spohr and Shaefer families.   I went through my genealogy file and wrote out all the info I currently have about these families to send to her, and I thought I'd share it here too:

My mom's father was Carl John Spohr Jr., and his father was Carl John Spohr, and his father was Ludwig Spohr (who went by Louis after he came to the United States).  Ludwig and his family spoke German and were born in Böhmen (Bohemia), which was then part of the Austrian Empire.  Now these towns are currently located in the Czech Republic, and many of the town names have been changed from their original German names to Czech names.

Ludwig Spohr was the 7th and youngest child of Karl Spor and Ludmilla Breinl.  This is what we've learned about their family so far:
Karl Spor was born 16 Jan 1825 in a Bohemian town called Salesel, the son of Jannes Franziskus Spor & Johanna Katharina Pannowitz.  On 10 January 1860 in a town called Graslitz, Karl Spor married Ludmilla Breinl.  Ludmilla was born 14 Dec 1839 in Graslitz, the daughter of Friedrich Breinl and Amalia Dotzauer.  Karl & Ludmilla had 7 children, all born in the town of Eger:
1. Karl Christof Spohr, born 26 Apr 1860.
2. Anna Elisabetha Spohr, born 9 Jun 1861.
3. Johanna Spohr, born 18 Jun 1863.
4. Rosa Francisca Spohr, born 3 Dec 1865.
5. Mathilda Amalia Spohr, born 14 Mar 1867.  (Her birth record lists her name as Mathilda Amalia, but all other records we have found for her refer to her only as Amalia, or some form of that name, including Molly after she went to the US).
6. Lumila Spohr, born 24 Feb 1870.
7. Ludwig Spohr, born 6 Aug 1871.

Even with the higher  mortality rate of the past, it seems that this family had it especially hard:  In 1863 little Johanna died before her third birthday, then two years later baby Rosa Francisca died before she was 2 weeks old, then 5 years later in 1870 baby Ludmila died at just 3 hours after her birth.  In 1873, when their youngest child, Ludwig, was 1 1/2 years old, Ludmilla Breinl Spor died, leaving their surviving children without a mother.  Then in 1878 when Ludwig was 6 years old, Karl Spor also passed away, leaving the children orphans.  Two years later, the eldest daughter, Anna Elisabetha, died at age 18.  (And although we have done significant research to learn about the fate of the eldest son, Karl Christof, we have not yet been able to find any mention of him other than his birth record -- so we do not yet know if he survived to adulthood or not).  So by the time that the two remaining children, Amalia and Ludwig, were ages 13 and 8 respectively, they did not have any surviving parents or siblings (except possibly the brother, Karl Christof).
In Aug 1883, at age 16, Amalia arrived in Baltimore, Maryland, having departed from a port in Bremen, Germany, on a ship named "Nurnberg."  
Mathilda Amalia "Molly" Spohr Schaefer, my 2nd great aunt 
(I was so excited when Lauren sent me a copy of this photo of Amalia since I had never seen a picture of her before).
And 3 years later on 13 Sep 1886 her younger brother Ludwig arrived in Baltimore, also traveling through Bremen, on a ship named "Rhein."  The ship's passenger list listed 15 year old Ludwig as a citizen of Bohemia, carrying 1 piece of baggage, and "intending protracted sojourn." 
Ludwig, "Louis" Spohr, my 2nd great grandfather
In 1890 Amalia Spohr was naturalized a US citizen, in 1896 or 1897 (around age 29) she was married to William Albert Schaefer, and by 1900 she and her family were living in Venice, Madison County, Illinois.  Amalia, who also went by”Amalie,” "Amelia," or "Molly" in the United States, was the second wife of William Albert Schaefer, who was born 2 Feb 1862 in Germany, the son of Ferdinand Schäfer.  William's first wife was Mary Strobel, born about 1861 in Germany, and they were married about 1888 in St. Louis, Missouri.  Mary and William had 3 children before William re-married to Amalia Spohr in 1896 or 1897: William Albert Jr., Wilhelmina "Minnie" C., & George A. Schaefer.  William and Amalia went on to have 5 more children together: Annie "Nonnie," Agnes, Louis Christopher, a child that did not survive, and Lydia "Liddie" Shaefer.  And we can see from some US Census records that William's three children from his first marriage were raised with their younger half siblings by William & Amalia.  In a few different Illinois towns, William Albert Schaefer worked at a General Hauling Company, as a Sand Pit Operator, a Foreman at a Steel Works company, a Teamster, a Merchant for a Coal Company, and a Blacksmith.  Amalia Schaefer died at age 65 on 15 March 1932 in Granite City, Madison, Illinois.  On 28 Oct 1945 in Granite City her husband passed away at age 83.  They were both buried in Edwardsville, Madison, Illinois. 
On 31 Aug 1898 at age 27, Ludwig Spohr married Anna Marie Ott in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Anna Marie Ott was also from Bohemia, the eldest daughter of Josef Ott & Maria Anna Strunz, and she was born on 10 Aug 1874 in a town called Putschirn.  Anna Ott and her siblings were all born in Putschirn, except her youngest brother, Louis Christopher Ott, who was born in Ohio after the family immigrated to the United States together (they arrived in the US between 1881 and 1884).  After Ludwig & Anna’s marriage in 1898, they moved to Madison County, Illinois where Ludwig (“Louis”) worked several different jobs for the next few years, including Carpenter, Banker, & Confectionery.  Between 1899 and 1903, Anna had 4 sons, 2 of which did not survive past childhood.

In 1912 the Spohr family was living in Madison, Madison, Illinois -- their home was upstairs on the second story, above the downstairs confectionery shop.  On 23 Dec 1912 at age 41, Ludwig didn't come upstairs for lunch as was his usual habit and Anna went downstairs to find that he had fallen, and hit his head and died in the store.  The boys, Louis & Carl, were ages 13 and 9 at the time their father died.  Anna Marie Ott Spohr lived until 21 Jan 1961 when she passed away at age 86 in Edwardsville, IL.  Ludwig & Anna were both buried in St. John Cemetery in Granite City, Madison, Illinois.  Ludwig & Anna's youngest son, Carl John Spohr, was my great grandpa.

Ludwig "Louis" Spohr and Anna Marie Ott Spohr, my 2nd great grandparents
Ludwig's family:
Children of Ludwig "Louis" Spohr & Anna Marie Ott:
1. Louis Christopher Spohr, born 23 Oct 1899 in Madison, Madison, Illinois.  (On 2 May 1925 in Carlinville, Macoupin, IL Louis married Florence Frances Graham, daughter of John George Graham & Susie, born 1903 in St. Louis & died 1988 in Maryville, Madison, IL.  Louis & Florence has 3 children: 1. Louis John Spohr born 21 Jun 1928 in Granite City, 2. Dolores Anne Spohr born 7 May 1931 in Madison & died May 2001, & 3. Frank K. Spohr, born 14 Sep 1932 in Granite City).  Louis Christopher Spohr died 19 Sep 1949 in Stookey, St. Clair, Illinois.
2. Twin boy (1), born and died sometime between 1900 and 1910 in either Madison County, IL or St. Louis, MO.
3. Twin boy (2), born and died sometime between 1900 and 1910 in either Madison County, IL or St. Louis, MO.
4. Carl John Spohr, born 21 Sep 1903 in St. Louis, MO.  (On 14 Aug 1929 in Granite City Carl married Nettie Dorothy Graham, daughter of John George Graham & Susie Florence Dobbins, born 1907 in Granite City, and died 1980 in Kansas City, MO.  Carl & Nettie has one child: Carl John Spohr Jr., born 28 Jun 1930 in Madison, IL and died 31 May 2003 in Lee's Summit, MO).  Carl John Spohr (Sr.) died 20 Jun 1979 in Granite City, IL.

Amalia's family:

Children of William Albert Schaefer & Mary Strobel:
1. William Albert Schaefer Jr., born 27 Jul 1889 in St. Louis, Missouri.  (William Jr. later married Gladys Jane Golden, and they had 3 daughters, the youngest named Virginia E. Schaefer born 24 Mar 1918 in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, and died 31 May 2007 in Coraopolis, PA.  I have no information about their first two daughters).  William Jr. died Oct 1967 in Georgetown, PA.
2. Wilhelmina "Minnie" C. Schaefer, born 7 Sept 1890 in Missouri.  (On 18 Nov 1908 in St. Louis, Minnie married Fredrich William Hilker, son of Gustav Hilcker and Elizabeth Hahn, born in 1886 in St. Louis, MO, died 1968 in Sacramento, CA.  Minnie and Fredrich had two children: 1. Fred A. Hilker, born about Mar 1910 in Illinois, & 2. Marie Elizabeth Hilker, born 2 Dec 1911 in Illinois, died 17 Jan 2004 in Arcadia, CA).  Minnie died 13 Nov 1987 in Orroyo Grande, CA. 
3. George A. Schaefer, born 24 Apr 1893 in Madison, Illinois.  (On 30 Aug 1917 in St. Louis Geroge married Bertha Elizabeth Keiderling, daughter of Henry Keiderling & Elizabeth S. Spree-Lorenz, born 1898 in Nameoki, Illinois, died 1975 in Sacramento, CA.  George and Bertha had 3 children: 1. Dorothy Elizabeth Schaefer 19 May 1991 in IL, died 22 Sep 1987 in Sacramento, 2. Albert Schaefer, born 1922 in IL, & 3. George Schaefer born 1924 in IL).  George A. Schaefer died Mar 1987 in Rancho Cardova, CA.

Amalia Spohr Schaefer and William Albert Schaefer, my 2nd great aunt & uncle

Children of William Albert Schaefer & Amalia "Molly" Spohr:
1. Annie "Nonnie" Shaefer, born Aug 1897 in Illinois.  (Married in 1924 to Kenneth C. Ross.  Kenneth was the son of William S. Ross and Emma D. McNeill, born about 1894 or 1898 in Minnesotta, and died in the 1970s in Florida.  Nonnie & Kenneth had no children).  Nonnie died between 1974 and 1979 in Florida.
2. Agnes Schaefer, born 21 May 1900 in Illinois.  (Married Raymond Beck in 1922.  Raymond Beck was born in 1900 in Illinois.  Agnes and Ray were divorced and had no children).  Agnes died in the 1950s.
3. Louis Christopher Schaefer, born 21 May 1900 in Illinois.  (Married Sara May Frazier, born 4 Aug 1902 in IL or MO, died 25 Mar 1976 in Bakersfield, CA.  Louis and Sara had 2 children: 1. Mary Lois Schaefer, born 18 Jan 1925, died 16 Jun 2008 in Bakersfield, CA, & 2. Louis William Schaefer, born 20 May 1928 in Madison, IL).  Louis Christopher Shaefer died 25 Aug 1990 in Oceano, CA.
4. Child born and died between 1896 and 1910.  (According to the 1910 census, Amalia Schaefer was the mother of 5 children, and 4 of her children were living as of 1910.  Assuming that the child that died was born during her marriage to William, we can suppose that this child was born sometime between 1896 and 1910). 
5. Lydia Schaefer, born 1905 in Illinois.  (In 1925 or 1926 Lydia married Oliver Scott , born 1904 in Michigan, died in Florida in the 1970s.  Lydia and Oliver had two children: 1. Robert Oliver Scott, born Oct 1928 or 1929 in Illinois, and 2. Suzanne Scott born 1936).  Lydia passed away in Florida in the 1970s.

I am excited to go through photos I have, and as Lauren continues to send copies of photos she has I hope to be able to identify some of the people in our previously unidentified family photographs.  I'll post the photos she sends me, and more of our findings soon.

16 October 2014

Grandma Faun's 80th

My Grandma Faun was here visiting this weekend for my son, Camden's, baptism, and her 80th birthday happened to be on Saturday, the same day Camden was baptized.  We ended up throwing her a little surprise party on Sunday, and I made a slideshow of photos I had collected of her with her family and friends from throughout her life.  The slideshow turned out quite nice, but unfortunately I've had some computer issues and haven't been able to post the slideshow online.  So I thought I'd share just a few of the photos from it:

Faun Moore

Faun & her older sister, Gwen

Faun & her younger brother, Guy

Faun Moore


Faun Moore & John Leo Chidester's wedding:
James Parker Chidester, Eliza Lucinda "Cindy" Smith Chidester, Jean Chidester, John Leo Chidester, Faun Moore Chidester, Gwen Moore Allen, Avagail Taylor Moore, & Ivan "J" Moore

Faun & John Chidester

Faun with her parents, Ivan & Avagail Moore

John, Steven, & Faun Chidester (Steven is my dad)

Faun & Steven Chidester, and Ivan Moore

Faun, Guy, Gwen, Ivan, & Avagail Moore

Faun, Steven, & John Chidester after Steve came home from his mission

John Leo Chidester, Faun Moore Chidester, & Steven John Chidester,
Amy Lynn Spohr Chidester, Beverly Monk Spohr, & Carl John Spohr Jr.

Faun Chidester

Faun & Avagail

Faun, Steve, Amy, & Avagail

Faun with her three granddaughters: Me, Jennifer, & Michelle

John, Jennifer, Steve, Amy, Stephanie, Michelle, & Faun Chidester

Grandma Faun

Me with Grandma Faun on our East Coast trip when I was 13

Faun Moore Chidester & her niece, Dorthy Allen Evans

Faun on her family history mission

Faun Chidester, Stephanie Bradshaw, Amy Chidester, & Kolby Bradshaw (Faun's first great grandchild)

Jennifer, Michelle, & Matthew Chidester, Michael & Stephanie Bradshaw, Aaron Chidester,
Faun, Steven, & Amy Chidester, and Kolby Bradshaw

Faun & her oldest grandson, Matthew Chidester

Faun and her second great grandchild, Elijah Carl Bradshaw

Michelle, Amy, Steven, Jennifer, & Faun Chidester when Jennifer went on her mission

Faun with Michelle Marie Chidester Conde & Jon Jacob "Jake" Conde

Faun and her third great grandchild, Camden James Bradshaw 
Faun and her fourth great grandchild, Isaac Steven Bradshaw

Aaron, Jenna, & Faun Chidester

Faun, Stephanie, Jenna, Amy, Matthew, Steven, & Aaron

Gwen Moore Allen, Faun Moore Chidester, & Dorthy Allen Evans

Faun and her sixth great grandchild, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Faun Conde

Faun and her seventh great grandchild, Mercedes "Sadie" Louise Conde

Faun & Steven Chidester

Faun, Aaron, Matthew, Amy, & Steven Chidester, when Matthew returned from his mission

Matthew, Steve, Faun, Aaron, Jenna, & Amy Chidester

Grandma Faun at the "Mud Caves," Anza Borego Desert, California

Jennifer, Steve, Aaron, & Faun Chidester reading our traditional family Christmas Eve stories at the cabin

Faun with her eighth great grandchild, Jon Robert "Robbie" Conde

Faun and her fifth great grandchild, Courtland Matthew Aaron Bradshaw

Faun with her youngest grandson, Aaron Jaimeson Chidester, at his high school graduation

Gwen & Faun

Faun & Michelle Marie Chidester Conde

Faun & Steve in Rome

Faun in Italy, 2013

Faun at Whitney Zacherson's wedding, with Guy & Gwen and their descendants

Faun & Jennifer Leigh Chidester


Faun, Dorthy, & Gwen

Amy, Steven, & Faun Chidester in Italy